A new survey has found that people tend to spend more time looking for restaurants in areas with a high number of people than those with fewer people.

The survey of 2,300 people by YouGov, the polling company, found that the average time spent on food search on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, was just over four hours per week, which was much less than the three hours people spend on the whole week.

But when it came to restaurants, the average was just under five hours.

A quarter of people said they spend more than five hours per visit.

In Sydney, people spend just over an hour per visit, and a further 16% spend more.

It is not clear whether this difference is because people prefer restaurants where there are a lot of people, or because they are searching for restaurants where they will not get caught out.

But, if the people searching for locations are just looking for places to eat, it may not be as important.

It may also reflect that people are searching more for the same type of food, such as burgers and hotdogs.

It could also be that people just like the experience of finding a place that they like.

The report suggests that, if people spend less time looking at restaurants, then there may be fewer opportunities to find good restaurants, especially for young people.

It suggests that people will not find many new restaurants that have similar offerings to those they are used to, and therefore would have difficulty finding good options in a crowded market.

“The number of restaurants that offer an average of a 4-star rating or higher in the Sydney listings is very low,” the report said.

Restaurants to avoid in Sydney There are some areas where people should not go, such the CBD, or in suburban areas. “

However, we can expect this trend to continue in future, especially as we increase our reliance on social networking sites, and we continue to see more people seeking out more places to explore the city.”

Restaurants to avoid in Sydney There are some areas where people should not go, such the CBD, or in suburban areas.

Restaurants in these areas include: Pizza Hut Pizza Express, 871-222-9900, pizzaexpress.com.au, 866-739-0999, pizza.express.sg.

More details about the YouGov survey are available here.

Photo: Supplied There are also some areas of Sydney where people do not have a lot to do, such in outer suburbs, where restaurants are often close to where people live.

“A small number of places do not offer great value, but there are many other great places to find great food, and it is a good idea to stay in these cities,” the You-Gov report said, recommending restaurants in these locations to avoid.

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