The NFL is getting ready to release its next big stadium deal: The NFL Players Association will pay a premium to get its biggest fans back in their seats, and it will also get a piece of the action, which is exactly what the league is planning.

The NFLPA is working with the NFL on the deal, according to the league’s COO Brian McCarthy, and the deal will include “two additional game-day seats and suites” in the new stadium.

The new stadium will also include “additional seating and suites for fans at the Pro Bowl and other major events.”

McCarthy says the two additional seats will be at the new facility.

The $1.3 billion deal includes about $300 million for the two seats, $150 million for suites and suites and $60 million for a stadium roof.

The stadium will cost $3.6 billion to build.

The $1 billion in stadium construction includes $400 million in tax incentives, and $100 million in stadium upgrades.

That’s the kind of deal that would make it impossible for the NFL to sell out games or put up a giant sign that would have to be torn down to fit in.

The league wants to make sure that its fans are able to get to games.

But as The Associated Press reported earlier this month, the NFLPA wants to be a part of the stadium deal.

The group is in talks with the league about how to get a seat at the game and what type of seats the stadium will have, according the AP.

The NFLPA said the two new seats are “essential” to the stadium, as is a “premium seat” for fans in the upper bowl.

The premium seats will go up to $1,800 per person and suites will go for $3,400 per person.

It’s unclear what kind of suites the premium seats could be.

There are also several other perks for fans who attend games, including special perks for visiting players, and “other additional incentives,” the NFL said in a statement.

McCarthia said there are no immediate plans to relocate the team’s home games, and he said it’s not a priority to move any of the teams’ home games from their current home in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

But it’s important that the fans in those stadiums are able go to games in the same way that fans in stadiums that will be built in the city of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers are the only teams that currently have stadiums that house fans for their home games.

Both teams have a stadium that’s larger than the NFL’s new stadium and are getting ready for the new ones.

The 49ers have a new stadium that will house a similar number of fans as the new Georgia Dome.