Burger King is in the running for best burger restaurant in the world, and its popularity is growing fast.

This article will try to answer the question “What is the most popular burger restaurant?”

This is an easy question to answer as many of the burgers are sold out all over the world.

Burger King, which is owned by Burger King India, has been ranked in the top five in India.

Its popularity has grown rapidly and it has also become a popular food item.

A lot of burger joints in the country are also selling hamburgers, which makes the company even more popular.

There are around 50 burger restaurants in India and around 100,000 burger joints.

The burger chain has its own burger restaurants.

These burgers are not only delicious, they are also a great way to share food, which can be eaten on a regular basis.

To give you a more detailed picture, here are some of the top burgers in India:1.

The Burger King Burgers (Burger King India)2.

The King Kong Burger (Burge King India3.

The Fries Burger (Cafe Nipomo India)4.

The Chicken Burger (Dairy India)5.

The Creme Burger (Bacchus India)6.

The Bacon Burger (Soylent India)7.

The Chub Burger (Thai Express India)8.

The Beef Burger (The King Burger India)9.

The T-bone Burger (Bangkok Thailand)10.

The BBQ Burger (Hipburger King Thailand)11.

The Poutine Burger (Nando’s Philippines)12.

The Biryani Burger (Khao San Road India)13.

The Hamburger (Cappuccino King India)(Source: Burger King website)14.

The Macaroni Burger (Majestic India)15.

The Meatball Burger (McDonalds India)16.

The Cheese Burger (Fry’s India)17.

The Sausage Burger (Hotel India)18.

The French Toast Burger (Taco Bell India)19.

The Hotdog Burger (J.M. Stuart’s India)(source: Burger Kiosk)20.

The Burgers Burger (King KFC India)21.

The Pizza Burger (Loblaw Foods India)22.

The Dessert Burger (Yum Brands India)23.

The Ice Cream Burger (Whole Foods India)(sources: Food.com, Food.org)24.

The Fruit Burger (Sunni Brands India)(src: Foodmap)25.

The Veggie Burger (Chef’s Illustrated India)26.

The Steak Burger (Harissa Foods India source: Food and Wine)27.

The Sandwiches Burger (Chili’s India source)28.

The Cheeseburger (Lamb’s Head India)29.

The Turkey Burger (Pineapple Express India source),The Cheese Burger(Source: Eater.com)30.

The KFC Burger (Giant Burger India source,Source: The Huffington Post)31.

The Sandwich Burger (Vinegar India source)(source)32.

The Pancake Burger (Rajma Bhawan India)(news item, burger in India)33.

The Nachos Burger (Foodbabe India)(pizza in India, burger and burger in the USA, pizza in Australia, pizza inside India, pizza at home in India source source)34.

The Shake Shack Burger (Source: Mashable)35.

The Tacos Burger(The Eater.co.uk)36.

The Egg Burger (CNN Money)37.

The Ham and Cheese Burger in India(CNN Money source)38.

The Popcorn Burger (News India source article)39.

The Apple Chicken Burger in Indonesia (NewsIndia source article source)40.

The Shrimp Burger (BuzzFeed India source )41.

The Fried Chicken Burger(BuzzFeed source)42.

The Big Mac (Buzzfeed source)43.

The Spinach Burger (PopSugar India source.)44.

The Eggs Burger(PopSoup India source link source)45.

The Peanut Butter Burger (Trends India source – source: PopSugar)46.

The Pepperoni Burger (India Express source)47.

The Potato Burger (US Daily)48.

The Crispy Chicken Burger at Burger King (USDaily source)49.

The Cornish Cheese Burger at Bistro Bali (USIndian source)50.

The Tomato Burger (IndyStar article source source – sources: Food, Buzzfeed, The Indian Express, CNN Money, Food, CNN India)