President Donald Trump on Thursday vowed to fight back against the “swamp” of fake stories circulating on social media, warning against the spread of fake information.

“We have to fight it, and it’s gonna be a swamp,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

“The swamp is real, and we are going to be right with it, because it’s the truth, and I promise you.”

Trump’s comments come as the president and top White House officials have been criticized for not being more forceful in addressing the fake news that has spread on social and in the media over the past several weeks.

The president has been under fire for failing to do more to stamp out the spread and for not taking action to stop fake news stories circulating across social media.

Trump’s call to combat fake news comes after several prominent news organizations have announced they will be pulling their content from Facebook in response to the social media giant’s decision to remove fake news articles.

In his address, Trump pledged to be the “best defender of our democracy” in a time of growing fake news.

“In a time when the American people are being told that our elections are rigged, that we are being lied to, that our political leaders are bought and paid for by foreign powers, that this country is being taken advantage of by international organizations, and that our government is in fact a collection of global criminals, it is a very sad day when our democracy is being undermined,” Trump said.

“It is time for our elected officials to stand up and say, no, we are not going to let this happen, we will stand up to this swamp.

We will stop it.

And we will win.”

Trump also spoke about his administration’s decision earlier this month to cut off federal funds to organizations that provide support for fake news websites, a move that drew sharp criticism from some Democrats and media outlets.

The White House has not specified what, if any, action it plans to take against the websites.