Why Facebook wants you to pay $1 for a new app

Facebook’s $1 per month “featured” mobile app, built by mobile app developer Mokr Apps, may be worth every penny for its developers.The Wall St. Journal reported Tuesday that the company has raised $7.2 million from a group of investors led by New York investment firm Morgan Stanley.Facebook said in a blog post that it had […]

When you can build a real-time restaurant spreadsheet, here’s how to do it with Excel template

Posted October 14, 2018 11:09:03If you’re a spreadsheet junkie, chances are you’ve already used Excel to build the content on your website or blog.But what if you wanted to create a real time restaurant catalog with the help of an Excel spreadsheet?You’ve probably heard of Excel-based Excel-optimized restaurant lists or restaurant templates before, but what’s […]

How to use the Google Adwords template for restaurant listings

Mashable, a search engine for businesses, has created a template for its restaurant listings.The template is titled Restaurant Adwords Template.You can use it to create a website template, create a restaurant listing, or add a restaurant to your existing restaurant listings, according to Mashable.It is very simple to use, and works for both existing and […]

How to Create an Outdoor Restaurant Catalog Template

title How To Create an Outdoor Restaurant Catalog template article title Create a New Outdoor Restaurant Retail Template article article title Find a New Retail Catalog Template in Adobe After Effects CC article title The Best Online Catalog Templates article title Download the Best Online Retail Catalog Template in Adobe InDesign CC article

How to Create a Restaurant Announcement Template

title How To Create A Restaurant Announcements Template article source Reddit title I have a lot of posts from the past year but it would be nice to organize them in a blog article title I would like to create a blog post that showcases a few things I did in 2016.article title The best […]

How to Create a Custom Restaurant Profile Template for the New iPad App (Mobile App)

source Hacker Media article restaurant template tutorial – a guide to creating a restaurant template for the new iPad app (mobile app) article restaurant profile template tutorial source HackerNews article restaurant design template tutorial guide – a tutorial guide to design a restaurant profile with a unique design template source ABC News article restaurant marketing […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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