A restaurant chain that has been criticized for its alleged racist policies has agreed to include “grow up” in its terms and conditions, the website Food & Wine reported on Wednesday.

Restaurant Ae has been a subject of controversy in recent months after the chain announced plans to include a “trigger warning” for some terms and condition clauses that are deemed discriminatory.

The company had previously agreed to make the change, but it had previously refused to do so in some cases, citing its free speech rights.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ae said it was “pleased to finally agree to the inclusion of this in our Terms & Conditions, which are currently being reviewed and will be available for review before they are finalized.”

“Restaurants and our community are at a crossroads,” the statement read.

“As a community, we must make difficult choices in the face of adversity.

To that end, we have made the decision to make a change in our terms and Conditions, in which we have committed to ‘grow up’ as a term and condition.”

The change was originally scheduled to go into effect in April, but the company was pushed back until this month, as a result of a court case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

The change will make it easier for Ae to add the trigger warning to its Terms & Condition clauses, according to the statement.