The Shopify Brand Builder template can be used to create a blog template that you can then link to your blog.

Here’s how you can use it to create the template you’re looking for.1.

Click the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the Shopify menu bar.

Click Create New Item.2.

Type a name for the item.

The template will then open.3.

Name the item a “product” and you can add other descriptive details like the product type and the price.4.

Click Next.5.

You’ll be prompted to select a type of template to create, click Create.6.

Click Continue.7.

You should see the Brand Builder open in the new Brand Builder pane.8.

Click Finish.

Now that you have a brand, you can create blog posts that describe what it is, how it’s made, and how it sells.

Here are some ways to use the Shop, Store, and Marketplace brand builder template to write blog posts.9.

Create a Product Category in the Shopping Cart.

The Product Category template can create an item for any category of products.

To create a product category, click the menu icon in front of the category, then click Create Product Category.10.

Create an Item Category in a Product.

The Item Category template will create an “item” in a category of items.

To Create an item, click on the menu in front to create an empty area.11.

Create another Item Category, and then click Next.12.

Add additional categories of products in the Products tab of the Product category template.13.

Click “Next” when you’re finished with the Item Category Template.14.

You can now create blog content for each category of the products.

For example, you might create a Product category for a kitchenware brand, and a Kitchenware category for clothing brands.15.

Create the Shop category.

The Shop category template is a great way to create blog entries for each of the items in the category.16.

Create and edit the Store category.

This category template can generate blog entries about a store, such as an item or service.17.

Create Products and Services.

The Products and services category template creates a product or service that you want to list in the blog.18.

Create Blog Content.

The Blog content template creates blog entries on a product, service, or product category.19.

Create Product Categories in Products.

You might create the product categories for your products, such an item category for kitchenware, clothing, or jewelry, for example.20.

Create Store Categories in Services.

You could create a service category for an app, service category, or website category, for instance.21.

Create Posts in Products and Posts in Services If you’re not sure what to name the items, create categories for them in products and services.

For a list of common category names, click this link to create and save a brand.