This post is part of TechCrunch’s Restaurant Posting Template series, a guide to the best restaurant posting templates, from the easiest to the most complex.

If you’re looking to print your own restaurant posters, the first thing you need to do is learn how to use Photoshop.

Here are the steps:Step 1: Get an image editorStep 2: Open up Photoshop and drag the image you want to print to your documentStep 3: Select a textarea or an image with a white border and select ‘Copy to Clipboard’Step 4: Press ‘Ctrl + C’ to save the image as a new fileStep 5: Copy the paste to clipboardStep 6: Select the new file and click ‘Save’ to apply it to your print.

Now, if you’re a Photoshop addict, you can even do some of the same things as I did here.

In the image above, you’ve used the ‘Copy To Clipboard’.

But there’s a way to do it with a little more finesse.

Step 1.

Open up your image editor and click on the image in the image menu.

Step 2.

Choose ‘Image’ from the menu to open the menu and then click on ‘Create New Image’.

Step 3.

Choose a file and name it ‘Restaurant Poster’.

Step 4.

In Photoshop, go to ‘New Image’ and select the file and then choose ‘Save As’.

Step 5.

Choose an appropriate name for your new image file.

For this example, I’m using ‘posters’ so it’s called ‘Restauants’.

Step 6.

Now, go back to the menu, and select Photoshop’s menu, then select ‘Image’.

Step 7.

Select the image from the list and click the ‘Save as’ button to save it to a file.

Step 8.

Open the image file in your text editor and save it as a PDF.

Step 9.

Open your text-editor and paste the text from the PDF file into your text area.

Step 10.

Save your text file by selecting ‘Save’.

Step 11.

Save the PDF image by selecting the image again from the ‘Paste’ menu and choosing ‘Save Image’.

Now that you have a simple way to get started, you should be able to do the same with print posters.

In fact, I’ve done it with one poster I made.

It took me about two hours to make, and I can tell you it took me a lot longer than the restaurant pamphlet I did for the original post.

You can find that poster here.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to print the poster.

It’s a simple guide, but it’s worth checking out.

Steps to Make a Restaurant PosterStep 1Step 1A: Find a location you likeStep 2A: Choose a location that you like to go toStep 3A: Add a photo to the posterStep 4A: Click ‘Create Poster’Step 5A: Make sure that ‘Restave’ is checked and that you select ‘Print Poster’When the poster is printed, it will look something like this:Step 6A: Print it at your favorite print shopStep 7A: Take a picture of the poster and share it on social media or a blogStep 8A: Keep sharing your post to your favourite social media sitesStep 9A: Post your poster to your favorite blog and Facebook pageStep 10A: Your post is shared and a comment about it has been left on your post, with the comment’s title, date, and time.

You should get a comment like this at the top of your post.

Step 11A: Share your poster on your favorite social media platformsStep 12A: If you have multiple photos from the same location, you will have multiple poster optionsStep 13A: You can also add a comment to your poster, which will appear below your photo.

You will have to click the comment icon in the upper right corner of the photo, then choose the ‘Add Comment’ button.

You can also use a ‘Comment’ button in your photo to show your support for the restaurant and comment on its success.

The comments on the restaurant poster I’m showing here have come from a commenter named “Auntie Sue” who told me the poster was so good that it’s her favorite poster and that she would buy it again!

Step 14A: Follow Auntie Sue on Facebook and Twitter