When you file for your first restaurant license, you may have to fill out a couple of forms to prove your name, address, business name, mailing address, and phone number.

These are all important documents, but it’s a good idea to make them easy to remember and to have a checklist for when you get the license.

Here’s how to make your own restaurant filing checklist.


Name and Address If you don’t have a business name or business address, you can get one online.

Simply fill out the form with your full name, business address and date of birth.


Phone Number If you aren’t sure how to provide your phone number, you could use this handy online form.


Name, Address and Date of Birth If you are a non-resident alien, you might need to provide a Social Security number or proof of citizenship.


Name of Your Business If you have a registered trade name, you should fill out this form, too.


Address of Your Establishment If you’re a nonprofit, think about providing a business address.


Business Name The name of your business.


Name on Certificate of Incorporation If you’ve never used a business certificate, fill out an application for one.


Business Phone Number You should be able to easily provide a phone number with this form.


Business Email Address If your business is an independent business, include your email address in this form and email it to your customers.


Business Address of the Business If your establishment has an address other than your business name and your business phone number is provided, it may be difficult to figure out which business address to use.


Business Mailing Address If the business address is provided in this application, you must include it on the business registration form.


Address, Telephone Number, and Business Name of Person or Entity Enticing You for a fee may have an attorney write your name on the application for a business license, but this can take a few days.

If you need help with that, contact the American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Firms, or the National Association of Small Businesses.


Business Entity Name The business entity name (like your LLC) should be the first letter of the name on your application.

You can check this by entering the name of the business entity on the online business entity form, or you can use your state’s business name registry.


Business Type (e.g., small, medium, large) If you choose to file with a business type, you will need to fill in this online form and then attach your business filing statement to it. 15.

Address and Telephone Number of Business Enticing Agency If you file with an agency, you need to give them a business filing declaration.


Business Directory Enticing you will be able find a list of attorneys and accountants who can help you with this process.


Business Information for Business If it’s an existing business, you’ll need to attach your current business filing, business directory and business name registration forms, as well as a business plan and any other business information you may need.


Business Registration Form You can attach your filing to your business registration, business information, and business directory forms.


Business Application Form You will need a business application form, which you will also need to include in your business directory.


Business Profile If you want to file for a new business, fill it out online or send it in a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Business License Application Form If you do not have a license, fill this online business license application form out.


Business Plan The plan to operate your business and your operations should be attached to this form with the business plan.


Business Tax Statement You will also have to include a business tax statement, which must be filed electronically.


Business Card and Business Card Accessories You should also include these accessories to ensure your business stays in business: 1.

Business card and business card accessories that can be attached, such as a microfiber business card, business card holder, business logo, business tag, business label, business seal, business license and business registration card.

2, a business card and a business registration certificate, if you are registering a business.

23 businesses are registered with the state of California.

You’ll also need: 1, business identification cards.

These can be used for business registration or business cards, but they must be attached in the form of a business identification card and not attached to a business business license or business registration.

2 business cards and business cards.

Each business card can be an individual business card or a business ID card.

3, a personal identification document that you can attach to your application form and which will show your name and address.

24 businesses are recognized by the state.

You will have to attach this information