In the US, it’s easier to get a job than anywhere else.

And you’re less likely to be fired, since it’s considered a “no-brainer”.

So how can you find the perfect job for you?

Here’s how to apply to work at a favourite restaurant, and the jobs that actually get done.


The ideal restaurant for you If you’re looking for a position at a restaurant, you’ll need to know how to: * Apply for jobs online.

* Use an email profile.

* Get a phone number.

* Set up a Google Voice number.

If you don’t already have a Google account, you can sign up for free.


The most common problems Restaurant employees have problems all over the place.

From the basic to the complicated, here’s what you need to remember: * A great customer experience is important.

* The food is good.

* Food is cheap.

* Staff are friendly.

* Employees are motivated.

* There are a variety of job titles.

* Your experience is relevant.

* A high quality of food is important, too.

* When you arrive, you should have no preconceptions.

But don’t feel you need an expert on how to cook.

It’s a matter of preference.

* Most restaurants require a background check and pay for it, so make sure you’ve got the right documents.


The job that doesn’t actually happen Restaurant staff are usually happy to talk to you about their work.

But that doesn