If you live in a house where the kitchen and living room have no view of the dining room, you might want to consider adding a restaurant signs to the kitchen, too.

While a restaurant is a great way to keep guests entertained and to encourage conversation, there’s also some pros and cons to making the space look like a restaurant.

Here’s how to create your own restaurant signs, and how to add them to your home.


Place a sign on the back of the refrigerator and the fridge itself (you may need to drill holes in the back, but we’ll be making a video showing that later).

You can also use a small hole in the side of the fridge to make it look like you’re placing a sign.

If you’re adding the restaurant signs for your dining room or living room, it’s recommended that you drill a hole through the back.

This is a good way to make sure that any debris will fall through the holes.

The sign should also be placed in the fridge when it’s empty, as it’ll help keep the signs from coming loose.


You can put a sign in the window to show guests that the restaurant is open and to discourage people from leaving while they’re there.

For this reason, you can add a sign that says, “No Parking”.

In addition to creating the restaurant sign, you should also make sure the signs have a logo that will be visible on your property, so that guests can see it when they come into the restaurant.


You may want to make the restaurant’s menu as visible as possible, but you can’t put the menu in the front of the restaurant, or you could get people to come and stare at the menu, causing confusion.

For that reason, add a menu with the name of the menu and the menu price, which you can then place in the kitchen.


If your restaurant has a large number of tables, you may want a separate sign for each table, so guests can know where they are seated and where the menu is located.

The restaurant can also make it easier for guests to navigate through the restaurant by making the menu visible on a separate piece of glass.


When the restaurant closes, you want to keep the restaurant signage, as well as the kitchen sign, visible so that you can easily mark it off when guests are leaving.

You should also add signage around the restaurant that says “No Smoking” and “Smoking Free”.


Make sure that the signage on the kitchen counter and in the dining area is visible.

If the restaurant has an outdoor patio, it should have signs that say, “Smoke-Free,” “No Outside Food,” and “No Refrigerators.”


Make the restaurant appear as if it has a small bar.

If there are multiple bar options in the restaurant (for example, if it’s a restaurant where the main dining room is larger than the kitchen), you may need a small sign to mark it all off.

If this is your first time, you’ll want to start small, like adding a sign for a table of three or four people, but keep adding signs as you work your way through the space.


Make it obvious that you have a private dining room.

If all of the food and drinks are on a table, you will want a small wall of glass that says the name and description of the private dining area.


Add a restaurant logo.

For more information on how to make a restaurant signage design, see this article by Erin Schumacher, creator of the blog Nellie’s Bar, about creating your own signage.


Use your kitchen sink or stove to add signage.

It’s possible to make your kitchen look like it’s been remodeled by adding a kitchen sink and/or stove.

The signage should be placed near the sink, in front of and above the sink.

If a sign is placed in front and behind the sink in front, it won’t necessarily be visible to guests while they are in the living room.


Place signage in your bathroom.

If it’s your first remodeling of your home, you won’t want to add the sign outside the kitchen (it’s difficult to see from the living area, so you may have to create a separate bathroom area).

To create a sign outside of the kitchen area, simply place the sign in front or behind the wall.

If signage is placed outside of your kitchen, make sure it’s clear where the sign is located (it should be visible when it comes in contact with the wall).


Place the sign over the restaurant menu.

Make your signage look like there’s an option for customers to order food and beverages.

The option menu should be at the top of the sign, with the menu text in the middle.


Add signage to the dining rooms.

It might be hard to find signage that is visible in the kitchens, so it’s important to add some signage to your dining rooms so that it’s easy to see what