A new restaurant policy that’s being rolled out across the UK says restaurants can’t use Instagram to promote their businesses without first asking permission from the company, and that the company has to give a reason why the photo is being posted.

The policy, which is rolling out in the UK and Ireland, says businesses can’t post any of their photos without the permission of the owners, unless the photo was taken during a business trip.

In addition, it states that a restaurant’s Instagram account must be the sole account for that location, meaning you can’t make it a photo of yourself, and only if you’re the owner.

While Instagram is a huge social media platform, its creators have been trying to strike a balance between not being a bully and keeping the community safe.

The company has also been known to get in trouble for not complying with social media laws.

The policy says Instagram has a responsibility to provide an explanation of the photo’s purpose, and how it was used.

But not everyone is on board with the new policy.

One person on Reddit wrote: “Why are they going to tell me how to use my account to advertise a place?

I already have Instagram, I dont need to know about the rules.”

Another user wrote: “@instagram, it is NOT your responsibility to enforce the new restaurant policies or not.

If it was your business you would not be in this position.

You have been in the food business for over 30 years and should be doing your best to follow your own guidelines.

Its your responsibility.

And if you dont, itll make the food worse.””

We’ve already had a few restaurants complain about the new rules,” a spokesperson for Instagram told TechCrunch.

“We are aware of the policy and will review it with our team to make sure it is right.”

The policy is also the subject of a Twitter thread, and a Facebook post, that say the new rule is a step backwards.

“We’re glad to see that restaurants are trying to keep their social media accounts relevant and engaged,” said a spokesperson.

“This is a big step forward for a lot of foodies and restaurants alike.”

“As long as it is clearly explained how to comply with the rules, it will be okay.”

The spokesperson also said the company would be updating its policies on the matter over the next week.

The new rules are currently in the planning stages, but they are currently a small test, and will be rolled out nationwide on August 7.