Restaurant ecommerce app React Restaurant has been updated with an upcoming restaurant update that is currently in testing.

The app is still in beta testing and will be available to developers later this week.

The update will feature a variety of new features such as the addition of a custom menu template, new restaurant categories and more.

The restaurant update comes in the form of a new app icon, which is similar to that of other restaurant apps, and a new theme.

React Restaurant also announced that a new “App of the Month” feature will be included in the upcoming update.

The theme theme is called “Aesthetic”, and includes a collection of restaurant templates that can be customized to fit a restaurant’s theme.

The new app icons will be displayed on the app’s home page and the app icon will appear at the top right corner of the app when it is launched.

A preview of the upcoming app update has been available to React Restaurant developers for the past few weeks.

React Restaurants main focus will be on the restaurant categories.

Restaurant categories include a selection of restaurants, but the theme also allows users to create their own categories.

For example, users can create a “foodie” category for a restaurant, and “fitness” category which includes a gym, spa and food court.

React restaurant can also create a custom category for each type of restaurant, such as “mashup restaurant”, which would allow users to have their own restaurant themed app.

React is also planning to include an “Add a New Restaurant” feature in the future, which allows restaurants to be added to their categories.

React’s main focus is on adding more restaurant categories, but it is also looking into adding restaurant categories to other restaurant platforms as well.

It is unclear when the restaurant update will be made available to the public.

React has been a popular restaurant app on iOS and Android.

The company has also announced plans to release React restaurant on iOS later this year.

React recently launched a restaurant search service, which will be integrated into the React app, so users can search for restaurants.

This service was recently updated to allow users search the restaurant’s location using a map.

The map search feature will also allow users tap on the search results for restaurants that are in the app, or use the map feature to select restaurants.